• The Battle for Peace
  • The Battle for Peace
  • The Battle for Peace
  • The Battle for Peace
The Battle for Peace
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  • 國際書號ISBN:9789623883849
  • 系列:
  • 裝幀:膠裝
  • 版次:
  • 尺寸大小:198x129mm
  • 頁數:96
  • 印刷次數:
  • 語文版本:英文
  • 重量:240 g
  • 分類:兒童讀物
IN A LAND WHERE HUMANS AND DEMONS ARE CONSTANTLY AT WAR, The Battle for Peace tells the gripping tale of four demon hunters and their treacherous journey to save humankind and bring peace to the Kingdom of Paven. From the endless trees of Twilight Forest to the precarious slopes of the Three Windy Heights and the deadly adversaries at the castle, Willow, Stella, Blossom and Charlotte will have to use their expert swordsmanship and bestowed magical powers to overcome the challenges along the way. It will take more than cuts and bruises and a kind heart to win-they will need to make sacrifices and accept help from an unlikely friend. First-time author Katelyn Lee presents a dark fantasy about the unwavering bond of friendship, bravery, and the risks needed to save what is dear to you. ************** About the Author Katelyn Lee is 11 years old and is from Hong Kong. Inspired by the action-oriented shonen anime Demon Slayer, she wanted to make her own dark fantasy. The Battle for Peace is her biggest writing project and her first book. Katelyn has developed a great passion for reading and participated in the Battle of the Books from 2020-2022. As a member of the champion team in 2021, she went on to represent her school, the ISF Academy. Katelyn also loves drawing and listening to music such as K-pop or lofi in her spare time. She absolutely despises bugs and exams.